martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

3º ESO, Listz, born in this week

Franz Liszt (October 22, 1811 - July 31, 1886), a Romantic Period Composer.  He was a major figure in 19th-century music, an innovator in the way he combined a fierce and unquenchable creative fire with a fully developed connoisseur's appreciation of both the music of contemporary composers and of giant figures from the past. Franz was born in Raiding, Hungary. Franz showed musical promise early, beginning lessons with his father before he was six; by the age of seven he was writing music.. Franz's reputation spread quickly, and before the end of 1821 he had been chosen as one of 50 composers (he was only ten years old!). On April 13, 1823, Liszt gave a concert, and it is often said that the 53-year-old Ludwig van Beethoven gave him a kiss for his marvelous playing.
He studied and played at Vienna and Paris and for most of his early adulthood toured throughout Europe giving concerts. His virtuosity earned him approbations by composers and performers alike throughout Europe. His great generosity with both time and money benefited the lives of many people: victims of disasters, orphans and the many students he taught for free. He also contributed to the Beethoven memorial fund.
His piano compositions include works such as his Piano Sonata in B minor, and two piano concertos, which have entered the standard repertoire. He also made many exuberant piano transcriptions of operas, famous symphonies, Paganini Caprices, and Schubert Lieder. As would be expected from a pianist-composer of Liszt's virtuosity, many of his piano compositions are amongst the most technically challenging in the repertoire.

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