martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Meet Theodor Gustav Holst, born September, 21th, 1874

Today, I'd like to meet you Gustav Holst, a  British composer that born in this day but in year 1874. Gustav Holst is recognized today as the composer of "The Planets". He studied at the Royal College of Music and his father was an organist. He met Ralph Vaughan Williams (another importatn British composer), who became a friend for life. He made his living first by playing trombone, then as a teacher. Always frail, after a collapse in 1923 he gave up teaching to devote the rest of his life to composition. His most popular piece is the vividly orchestrated suite The Planets (1916); other works include the charming St. Paul's Suite for strings (1913), the Hymn of Jesus (1917), and the Choral Fantasia (1930).
Here, you can listen Mars

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